How to download your bonuses from

1. Select the product you purchased from the drop-down text box.
2. Enter your Clickbank order number. This was sent to you in an email from Clickbank after you purchased the corresponding product.
3. Enter the EXACT email address when you purchased the corresponding product and click the "Get My Bonuses" button.

NOTE: If you ordered by Payal through Clickbank ... you might have to enter your paypal email address and not the email you entered in the Clickbank order page. You can quickly find the email you used to purchase by double-checking the email message you received from clickbank after you purchased.


Refer to the image below to find your order number and email you purchased with ...


NOTE: If you are having problems getting your bonuses, please email me directly at

Pleae note this page does not store your information, it simply checks my Clickbank affiliate account for your information.

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